“Tyzenhauz Trail ” – creation of a tourist route to promote cultural and historical heritage of two cities: Sokółka and Hrodna

About of project:

Period: 01.03.2019 – 31.10.2021

Budget: €2,139,254.66; EU contribution: €1,925,329.194

Implementing agencies: Sports and Tourism Unit of the Hrodna City Executive Committee; Hrodna Regional Branch of the National Tourism and Sports Union

Locations: Hrodna Region; Podlaskie Voivodeship (Poland)


The Polish city of Sokółka and the Belarusian Hrodna are united by the personality of Prince Antoni Tyzenhaus, the well-known reformer and financier, political and public figure of the 17th century. The two cities’ cooperation on preservation of Prince Tyzenhaus’ cultural and historical heritage will help unlock the region’s tourism potential.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed at improving the tourist infrastructure and access to the cultural/historical heritage properties, inter alia, for people with disabilities, in Sokółka and Hrodna regions.

The project activities will facilitate the arousal of interest in active recreation in the regions; and the opening of little-known natural, cultural and historical destinations by tourists and local residents.

Interim outcomes: There are plans to create a unique transboundary tourist product – the Trail of Tyzenhaus, a bike path between Sokółka and Hrodna, with a total distance of about 59 km (26 km – on the Polish territory, 33 km – on the Belarusian territory).

The project will fund the establishment of a tourist information centre in Sokółka, and a similar centre in Hrodna will be upgraded to render a wide range of tourist services.

The project also provides for the renovation and furnishing of two historical buildings in Sokółka (1 Piłsudski Street) and Hrodna (2 Tyzenhaus Avenue) that will be remodelled for cultural, educational and tourism-related purposes.

The project provides for the conduct of international conferences, craft and theatrical workshops for young people, bicycle races, drawing master classes and training of tourism sector professionals and staff of local self-government agencies.

Also, there are plans for the development and publication of tourist maps, guides and video clips promoting the potential and historical heritage of the transboundary region.

Contacts: Sergey Koleda, Project Coordinator

+375296502073, e-mail: grodno-rtss@tut.by

Web link: tourgrodno.by