Employment, Vocational Education and Training in Belarus (outfitting of resource hubs)

About of project:

Period: 30.03.2018 — 30.03.2022

Budget: €4 270 000

Key partners: Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Labour of and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Location: Belarus


The project is aimed at adapting the vocational education and training system in Belarus to the needs of the modern labour market. The project provides for outfitting six resource hubs and eight educational laboratories with state-of-the-art technological equipment for training specialists in the fields of the energy industry, energy efficiency and ecology.

Goals and objectives: improve the VET accessibility and quality by adapting state-of-the-art educational technologies; improve the quality of training highly skilled specialists compliant with the modern labour market requirements.

Interim outcomes: State-of-the-art technological equipment will be supplied to EcoTechnoPark-Volma resource hub (a branch of the Republican Institute of Vocational Education) for training students of vocational/technical, special secondary and higher educational institutions. Sole proprietors and small and medium business representatives will also have an opportunity to upgrade their skills in EcoTechnoPark–Volma.

At the same time, equipment deliveries are made to five more resource hubs operating at special secondary and higher educational institutions, which include the Inclusive Education and Service Personnel Training Hub at Minsk State College of Electronics. The equipment supplied there comprises software and hardware for students with visual and hearing impairments; computer, office equipment and accessories for the power engineering, electronics, drives and pneumatics laboratory; the wide-format printing and prototyping laboratory; web design and photo laboratory; sound-recording equipment; as well as a bus adapted for students with mobility impairments.

The project has also provided for the outfitting of five educational laboratories, and there are plans for outfitting three more bioenergy, renewable energy-based housing/utilities and thermal energy laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment that allows to learn, as much as possible, the front-end technologies in the above-mentioned areas, and learn to use them in practice.

Contacts: Iryna Lakishyk +375 29 724 05 07, e-mail: ecotechnopark.volma@gmail.com

Links: EcoTechnoPark-Volma