Landscape-Oriented and Community-Led Rural Area Development of the Jasieĺda River

About of project:

Period: 07.10.2019 – 07.10.2022

Budget: €747,549; EU contribution: €672,644.59

Leading partner: Biaroza District Executive Committee

Partners: International Foundation for Rural Development, Brest Region Reserves (local environmental foundation), Sporaŭski Republican Bio Reserve (state-owned nature-protection institution)

Locations: Sporaŭski Republican Bio Reserve: Biaroza, Drahičyn and Ivanava Districts of Brest Region


Sustainable rural development is a developmental priority of Belarus. The Jasieĺda river valley is distinguished by its ecological, social, landscape-related, historical and cultural aspects. While preserving the unique environment and biodiversity of the region, we need to make full use of its capacity for employment and self-employment of the local residents, and for engaging them in administration and decision-making processes.

Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at reinforcing the local authorities' capacity to provide for participatory management of the development of the Jasieĺda river valley, an eco-region classified as wetlands protected under the Ramsar Convention.

The project provides for holding a survey of the local residents and experts in order to make an assessment of the entrepreneurship development capacity of the region.

The project will facilitate the development of the eco-region's local community-driven management system, and its marketing promotion.
Lessons learnt from the project are to be extended to other protected natural areas.

Expected outcomes: The Regional Council will be set up to act as an efficient tool for participation of the residents in sustainable development of the region.

Eight local development clubs will be set up at local clubs or educational institutions, to provide an opportunity for the local residents to acquire new essential skills for their self-employment or business oriented at the eco-region's needs and capacity of the.

The project provides for a number of measures to preserve the region's environment and biodiversity. In particular, the river floodplain/swamp mowing and brush removal will be resumed to expand the aquatic warbler breeding grounds to 11,000 ha.

A landscape-oriented model of the eco-region's sustainable development will also be developed and applied.

Beginning in the second project year; two rural forums are planned for exchanging experience, reinforcing relationships for the eco-region development purposes, attracting new partners and promoting initiatives and projects to be implemented in the Jasieĺda river valley.


Alena Opolko, Project Coordinator

tel.: +375 1643 41676, mob. tel. +375 33 671 37 73, e-mail: