Nature Matters to Everyone. Strengthening Nature Protection through Development of Grass-Roots Leadership and Participation of Local Communities in Decision Making Processes at Local Level

About of project:

Project Period: 09.07.2014 – 08.07.2015

Budget: € 207,846

Implementing Agency: APB BirdLife Belarus (Ahova Ptushak Baćkauščyny)  (NGO)

Location: Hronava (Mahilioŭ Region), Kaźjany (Viciebsk Region), Sož River Floodplain (Homieĺ Region), Liasnaja River Floodplain (Brest Region), Sporava Bog (Brest Region), Naliboki Forest (Nalibokskaja Pušča) (Hrodna Region), Vyhanaščy Bog (Brest Region), Central Prypiać (Brest and Homieĺ Region), Jeĺnia (Upland Bog, Viciebsk Region), Zvanec Bog (Brest Region) 


51 important bird areas (IBAs) are identified in Belarus. These are wildlife and nature spots, unique ecosystems that became home to hundreds of bird species. Preserving them means maintaining the country's biodiversity.

Project Goals and Objectives: Create and develop a network of IBA guardians – a volunteer environmental movement of local residents.

Intermediate Outcomes: A guardian network was set up at ten IBAs. 111 volunteers monitor the areas of concern and report potential threats to nature. Under the Project, the volunteers were provided with relevant monitoring equipment – plant and animal detectors, binoculars, GPS navigation devices and scopes.

Together with professional ornithologists, the guardians registered birds, identified potential threats and ways of preserving the area at ten IBAs. Wading bird breeding areas were restored in Central Prypiać and Sporava Reserves. In the course of three field summer camps and expeditions, more than 20 ha of flood meadows were cleared of brushwood to expand wader-breeding areas. An "Important Bird Areas in Belarus" catalogue describing both existing and potential IBAs was prepared and published to help the guardians.

Points of Contact:

Maksim Nemtchinov, Project Manager

+ 375 17 369 76 13,

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