Implementation of energy efficiency measures aiming at sustainable energy development of Ašmiany district in Belarus

About of project:

Period: 01.07.2018 — 30.06.2021

Budget: €696,614.72, EU contribution: €554,992.95

Implementing agency: Ašmiany District Executive Committee

Location: Ašmiany District, Republic of Belarus


Introduction of energy-efficient measures and use of renewable energy sources in educational institutions will facilitate reduction of heat and power consumption, relevant expenses for the public budget, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Goals and objectives: The key project goal is to raise the energy use efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in Ašmiany District. The project is also aimed at raising the local residents’ awareness about the latest energy-efficient technologies and their possible use in Belarus. All planned events will contribute to the development of skills of environmentally-friendly behaviour and efficient use of energy resources.

Interim outcomes:
An energy audit of the project pilot site, Ašmiany Kindergarten No. 3, was carried out. The audit findings are used for developing design and estimate documents for thermal insulation of walls and roofing, replacement of windows for energy-efficient ones, installation of a solar collector for water heating, and heat pumps with the heating system, solar panels and a ventilation system with heat recuperation. The kitchen equipment, exterior and interior lighting of the kindergarten will also be replaced with energy efficient units.

A contest for the best methodology, innovative forms and techniques of working with kindergarten children, their parents and communities on the theme of resource preservation and environmental protection, was held among preschool teachers of Ašmiany District. The contest winners were awarded with souvenirs.

During the 2019 European Sustainable Energy Week, events were held in kindergartens and summer camps to promote energy-efficient lifestyle among children. More than 100 persons took part in the events.


Sergey Nikitin, Project Manager,
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