Building Capacity of Family Clubs Network of the Chernobyl Area for Improving the Socio Economic Situation

About of project:

Project Period: 01.12.2014 – 01.12.2018

Budget: € 502,816; EU contribution – € 452,516

Implementing Agency: Green Cross Belarus NGO

Location: Brahin District, Homiel Region


A family club is an association of people sharing common interests and dealing with relevant issues of rural areas. Such informal organizations help provide support to families living in radiation-contaminated areas and engage active local residents in the development of their regions.

The Project Goal is to establish local associations to increase the level of involvement of small communities of Brahin District in overcoming socio-economic effects of the Chernobyl accident.

Intermediate Outcomes:

Eight family clubs have already been opened under the Project in the city of Brahin and the district (in Teĺman, Krasnaje, Burki, Mikuličy, Sialiec villages and Kamaryn town) and in the city of Lojeŭ.Their members promote a healthy lifestyle, preserve historical and cultural traditions, and develop entrepreneurship in villages and small towns. The clubs conduct training seminars and workshops, meetings to share experience, hold community clean-up events, campaigns, concerts, festivals and arts nights. They maintain active cooperation with individual subsistence farms and facilitate small business development in the raion. Family clubs also work on area landscaping; they assist people with disabilities and elderly people, single mothers, low-income and large families.

An online platform was created in order to inform local residents about the project and unite them. Reports and announcements about the Project activities are regularly published in social networks.

During the Project implementation, it is planned to organize regular work of eight family clubs, which will help improve the living standards of local people. 50 Project participants will become counselling assistants for local rural councils.

Points of Contact:

Natalia Sviatkina, Project Manager

+375 17 210 00 62, +375 29 667 5780,