Better Access to Medical Services in the Cross-Border Region

About of project:

Implementation period: 01.07.2019 – 31.08.2021

Budget: Euro 857,359.62

Implementing agencies: Health Institution "Brest Children's Regional Hospital" (Belarus), Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Łosice (Poland)

Locations: Žabinka, Brest Districts, the city of Brest (Belarus); town of Łosice, Łosice County of Mazovian Voivodeship (Poland)


The oxygen generation and distribution system in the Brest Children's Regional Hospital is in a critical condition. It supports the functioning of the Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Care and Operating Units. The hospital also provides palliative care at the Intensive Care Unit (to terminal patients); however, no inpatient palliative care rooms have been allocated due to a lack of resources. The upgrade of the oxygen station and medical gas distribution system will provide for further outfitting of the hospital will new medical equipment and diversification of its services.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed at improving the healthcare accessibility and quality for the residents of the Belarusian and Polish border areas.

The project objectives are to upgrade the facility and raise the medical staff skills in order to diversify the services; develop the system of palliative care volunteering and family support; adopt the modern methods of healthy lifestyle promotion as a crucial tool for decreasing the overall morbidity rate.

Interim outcomes: The project provides for upgrading the oxygen distribution system, renovating the oxygen station room, procuring the oxygen station support equipment for Brest Children's Regional Hospital, as well as procuring equipment for high-quality diagnostics of neoplasm and cardiac-related diseases for Łosice County Hospital (Poland).

The project provides for on-the-job training of Belarusian doctors in Poland and study visits of Polish medics to Belarus. It will allow the doctors to share their expertise, adopt their colleagues' best practices and improve the medical personnel skills.

For the purposes of further development, the project provides for outfitting of 5 new beds with special medical equipment. The child patients' families, volunteers, psychologists and other specialists will be involved in the activity. In addition, a club will be set up there to enable child patients' family members to communicate, share their experience and receive psychological support.

Contacts: Alexander Panko, Project Coordinator

+375 29 529 86 42,

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