Improvement of epidemiological safety at the Polish-Belarusian border area

About of project:

Project ID: PBU1/0041/16

Period: 01.03.2019 – 30.08.2021

Budget: EUR 2,579,221.58 (total), EU contribution: EUR 1,826,819.91.
Funds provided to the Belarusian partner: EUR 2,163,058.00, EU contribution: EUR 1,532,065.97

Implementing agency: Brest Regional Clinic Healthcare Institution

Leading partner: Provincial Specialist Hospital in Biała Podlaska (Poland)

Locations: The city and region of Brest (Belarus); Biała Podlaska, Lublin Voivodeship (Poland)


Early detection of infectious diseases facilitates prompt commencement of the required treatment and prevention of the infection dissemination, while preventive measures, such as public awareness raising, help reduce the number of new cases of infectious diseases.

Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at improving the epidemiological safety of the border region residents, their access to healthcare services; as well as at raising their awareness about the threat of infectious diseases.

Brest Regional Clinic and Biała Podlaska Provincial Specialist Hospital will develop common procedures for working with highly contagious patients, training medical personnel, preventive screening for early detection of hepatitis C with an option of simultaneous testing for HIV/AIDS.

Interim outcomes: Both hospitals will create full-scale systems of diagnostics and treatment of patients with suspected infectious diseases, including highly dangerous ones. In particular, they are going to adopt a non-invasive procedure of liver elastography.

The project provides for conducting an awareness-raising campaign among the local residents in order to enhance their awareness about hepatitis C prevention techniques.

In the period of 20 January – 30 October 2020, Brest Regional Clinic will offer free blood screening for the hepatitis C virus to all residents of the city and region aged 35-75 years.

The project provides for the procurement of equipment for laboratory diagnostics of infectious diseases, reusable scrub suits, boxes for transportation of patients with infectious diseases.

The Provincial Specialist Hospital transferred a special-purpose ambulance to Brest Regional Clinic as gratuitous foreign assistance.

The project will generally improve the infrastructure base in both hospitals expanding access to healthcare and social services for more than 1.76 mn people in the cross-border region, and raising the number of organised medical checkups to 6,200 per annum.


Anna Kalina, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Unit Manager, Project Coordinator, +375 162 27-21-44, e-mail:

Natalia Stakhovets, Procurement Agent, +375 29 524 80 96, e-mail:

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