Agribusiness Incubator

About of project:

Period: 01.07.2019 – 30.06.2023

Budget: €625,552.00, EU contribution: €561,995.92

Implementing agency: Brahin District Executive Committee

Partner: Eco-Innovation Local Foundation for Business Support and Rural Development

Location: Brahin District, Homieĺ Region, Belarus


The economy of Brahin District, which has about 12,000 residents, is based on agriculture with mainly large-scale commercial producers. Meanwhile, more than a thousand households in the district generate up to 50% of their income by selling potatoes, vegetables and garden produce from their backyards. Therefore, improvements in rural employment is among top priorities for sustainable development of Brahin District.

Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at facilitating small and medium entrepreneurship development in rural areas, establishing an agribusiness incubator and hands-on training of the local residents in the latest crop-growing technologies with the use of innovations.

Expected outcomes: There are plans for establishing and equipping an agribusiness incubator, while partially restoring several unused properties in the district and retrofitting several facilities for produce storage/primary processing; as well as for setting up a machinery and tractor pool and for laying trial grounds for testing new technologies.

The agribusiness incubator will provide 35+ services to the local residents, ranging from information/consulting to training, machinery lease and crop storage/primary processing services. They expect that every year more than 1,000 persons will avail themselves of the agribusiness incubator services; 350 of them are expected to receive hands-on training at the trial grounds and carry on their own successful business (growing vegetables and fruits, raising livestock and processing the produce).

The project implementation will help improve the efficiency of farms, household plots and local businesses to 30% with adoption of new production technologies, expansion of the product range and distribution services.

Contacts: Anna Abashina, Project Coordinator, +375 44 762 37 61,

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