Support of the Republic of Belarus in the Area of Norms and Standards of Energy Efficiency of Consumer Goods and Industrial Products

About of project:

Project Implementation Period: 08.03.2013 – 07.08.2016

Budget: € 2 900 000 + separate supply contact for equipment for € 4 000 000 for labs)

Implementing Agency in Belarus: GIZ Consortium (Germany) – BELLIS (Belarus)

Key Beneficiary: State Standardization Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Locations: Minsk (laboratories of the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification (BELGISS); regional capital cities (in cooperation with regional  fuel monitoring offices of the Energy Efficiency Department; large and medium-sized cities of Belarus (in cooperation with the Consumer Rights Protection Society).


To facilitate active promotion of its goods on the EU markets, Belarus needs to bring its industrial standards in compliance with EU standards that are largely focused on energy efficiency.  The project aims to enhance the competitive edge of the Belarusian economy and improve its environmental efficiency.

Goals and Objectives: Bring international and European experience to support Belarus’ efforts in the area of energy efficiency and energy saving. Provide incentives for a more active involvement of local central authorities, business and civil society in this process.

Project Outcomes: A technical board on standardization of Technical Code TC-BY-32 "Energy Efficiency" has been established and is in operation in Belarus. It is designed to consolidate the national expert potential and engage all stakeholders, such as industrial enterprises, in active efforts aimed at improvement of energy efficiency.

Important practical experience was gained and a unique infrastructure for energy efficiency assessment was developed under the project.  Sixteen testing laboratories of the highest European technical level (with 740 various testing/measuring devices in total) were established. Seven laboratories were opened in the Energy Efficiency Department for assessing the energy efficiency of buildings and structures. Nine testing laboratories were established in BELGISS; they allow making energy efficiency tests of 21 product groups. The established laboratory complex has no analogues in the CIS.

Relevant training was provided to more than 500 professionals from 67 organizations. Fifty standards were harmonized with the EU acquis:

— 25 standards of compliance with energy efficiency and energy labelling requirements

— 22 standards of testing methods

— 3 standards of energy auditing and benchmarking

Point of Contact:

Yury Pashik, Director of BELLIS OJSC

+375 17 288 16 41;

State Standardization Committee of the Republic of Belarus

+375 17 233 52 13, 

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