BRIDGE as the Pilot Eco-Business Model for Local and Regional Economic Growth

About of project:

Period: 01.04.2019 – 31.03.2022

Budget: €655,744.00, EU contribution: €598,907.30

Implementing agency: Slaŭharad District Executive Committee

Location: Town of Slaŭharad, Slaŭharad District; Krasnapollie District, Mahilioŭ Region, Belarus


The economy of Slaŭharad District is agriculture-based, the district has no industry. However, entrepreneurs contribute to the district economy up to 5% of the local budget revenues. Rural entrepreneurship development through equal access to education, resources and business support presents an opportunity for economic growth.

Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at establishing the Centre for Rural Development and Business Support as a mechanism for implementing a pilot tourism business model drawing on the example of the Sož Region Amulet Ecopark.

Interim outcomes: The long-term development plan of Slaŭharad Reserve in Sož Region Amulet Ecopark has been approved. A public-private partnership agreement on the park development is drafted and scheduled for signing; the agreement will initially bring together 5 private business enterprises and local authorities.

The project provides for building at least 23 elements for tourism infrastructure in the park (routes, campsites, parking lots, towers, etc.).

Every year, at least 150 residents of Slaŭharad and neighbouring districts will improve their business skills in the district’s Information and Training Centre for Rural Development and Business Support. The centre expects to provide business support services of at least 13 types to entrepreneurs, farmers and artisans.

Contacts: Sergey Sergeyevich Koliesniov, Project Coordinator, +375257943523, e-mail: /

Project Factsheet

Map of the key facilities’ location of the the Sož Region Amulet Ecopark:

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