To the rescue. Improvement of accessibility to medical services in emergencies through the cooperation of emergency medical services in the cross-border area of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

About of project:

Project ID: PLBU.03.01.00-06-0142/17-00

Period: 01.05.2019 – 30.09.2021

Budget: EUR 1,523,914.40 (total). Funds provided to the Belarusian side: EUR 214,161.40 EU contribution: EUR 192,745.26

Implementing agency: Žabinka Central District Hospital Healthcare Institution

Partners: Independent Public Health Centre in Tomaszów Lubelski, Tomaszów County, Independent Public Health Centre in Hrubieszów (Poland); Sokal Raion Council (Ukraine).

Locations: Žabinka District, Brest Region (Belarus); Tomaszów and Hrubieszów Counties, Lublin Voivodeship (Poland); Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast (Ukraine)


The long time of waiting for medical assistance is one of the causes of many deaths in emergency situations. The provision of timely assistance may be complicated due to a lack of medical equipment, inadequate skills of ambulance teams, substantially worn out equipment and vehicles, as well as low awareness of the local communities about the first aid rules.

Goals and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at reinforcing the cooperation between the medical services in Lublin Voivodeship, Brest Region and Lviv Oblast. It will help improve access of local residents and visitors of the border areas to healthcare services in life-threatening circumstances.

The project will facilitate the enhancement of the first-aid knowledge and skills of medical personnel, whose activities are associated with response to life-threatening situations. The healthcare institutions covered by the project will adopt new procedures based on the application of state-of-the-art telemedicine and telecardiography technologies; modern equipment and vehicles will be procured for them.

Interim outcomes: Žabinka Central Hospital carried out a special training course for 53 medical doctors and 80 nurses, who gained the knowledge and skills for developing common principles and mechanisms of interaction among emergency medical services..

Two manikins (adult and infant) were procured for the hospital; they will be used for first aid training. They plan to train at least one thousand local residents including teachers, schoolchildren, emergency service personnel, company workers, farmers, builders and office personnel.

A defibrillator with a cardioversion option, a ventilator, three electrocardiographs and vehicles (one C-class car, four ambulances) will be procured for the hospital under the project.


Oleg Kuzko, Medical Assistant +375 33 607 55 97; +375 16 41 24611; 

Natalia Petruchik, Logistics and Technical Assistant, +375 29 721 99 56; +375 16 41 60893

Yekaterina Danilevich, Financial Assistant, +375 33 3378090; +375 16 41 60894

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