Strengthening Surveillance and Bilateral Coordination Capacity along the Common Border between Belarus and Ukraine / SURCAP PHASE II

About of project:

Project Period: 23.03.2014 – 22.03.2017

Budget: € 5,350,000; EU contribution – € 5,100,000

Implementing Agency: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Location: Belarus (cities and regions of Homieĺ, Pinsk, Brest, Minsk)

Ukraine (cities and regions of Chernihiv, Lutsk, Zhytomyr, Kyiv)


Border security is a key element of national security policy in Belarus and Ukraine, a guarantee of their territorial integrity and an element of development of political, economic and cultural relations with neighboring countries and the international community.

Goals and Objectives: Raise the level of security at the Belarusian/Ukrainian border through efficient interaction between the border services of both countries; provide training for their personnel in state-of-the art border protection technology; establish regular and prompt exchange of information.


The Project helped to develop the qualifications of border guards deployed at the land and river border sections, at international crossing points, as well as that of senior officers of the Chief Border Troops Headquarters of Belarus and Ukraine. Visits to EU countries were arranged for them; a special emphasis during the visits was put on combating irregular migration, border control at checkpoints and international airports.

Thus, for example, in Finland, in the Karelian part of the Russian border, Belarusian and Ukrainian border guards studied ways of using modern equipment for border security. Study visits to Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia were also arranged. A number of bilateral training events were held in Kyiv and Minsk.

State-of-the-art video surveillance equipment and means for patrolling land and river border sections was purchased, which helped to reinforce the technical capacity of the border services of both countries.

In June 2017 a joint contact point 'Pinsk-Zhytomyr' has started its operation. Its goal is to improve information exchange and establish closer cooperation between the border agencies of Belarus and Ukraine.

Points of Contact: Pavel Kholod, National Programme Coordinator

+375 29 333 30 31,