Strengthening the capacity of the dog service of the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus and Republic of Poland

About of project:

Period: 01.11.2019 – 31.01.2021

Budget: €221,820; EU contribution: €199,638

Implementing agencies: Belarus: Minsk Central Customs; Brest, Homieĺ, Hrodna, Minsk Regional Customs; State Customs Committee; Poland: Revenue Administration Regional Office in Bialystok

Locations: Brest Region, Hrodna Region, Minsk Region (including Minsk); Podlaskie Voivodeship (Białystok, Łomża and Suwałki Counties) of the Republic of Poland


The number of attempts to smuggle tobacco products and narcotic/psychotropic substances across the border between Belarus and the European Union has been on the rise in the recent years. Combating illegal transportation of tobacco products and prohibited substances across the border is a critical part of the activities of the Belarusian and Polish customs services ensuring the security on both sides of the border.

Goal and objectives: The project is mainly aimed at improving the performance of the Belarusian and Polish customs services in prevention of tobacco smuggling and illegal transportation of prohibited narcotic and psychotropic substances.

The project will help build up the capacity of the Belarusian and Polish customs services, improve the border crossing procedures and reinforce the border security.

Interim outcomes: The customs canine units will acquire special vehicles for transportation of dog handlers and service dogs, while the scheduled courses will improve the technical and HR capacity of the law enforcement agencies on the Polish/Belarusian border.

An experience exchange workshop was held in the Brest Customs Office this September; it was attended by the staff of the Białystok Tax Administration and officials of the Belarusian customs canine units. A similar workshop was held in Białystok in July.

Three special cargo and passenger vehicles were procured for transportation of dog handlers and service dogs. The vehicles are fitted with passenger seats and special seats for transportation of service dogs, independent heating and ventilation systems, as well as customs inspection toolkits.

Contacts: Yulia Sorokina, Project Manager,

tel.: +375 17 218 90 30, e-mail:


Minsk Central Customs

State Customs Committee