The Dukes Radziwills' heritage preservation and adaptation for tourism in Kėdainiai and Niasviž

About of project:

Period: 09.02.2019 – 08.06.2021

Budget: €726,703.76; EU contribution: € 654,033.38

Implementing agencies: Niasviž National Historical and Cultural Museum/Reserve; Kėdainiai Regional Museum (Lithuania)

Location: Minsk Region


Belarus and Lithuania are united by the history of the princely family of the Radziwiłłs, whose heritage attracts tourists to Kėdainiai and Niasviž. Preservation of the historical and cultural properties associated with the Radziwiłłs family is an essential condition for further development of the tourism potential of both regions.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed mainly at developing cooperation between Kėdainiai and Niasviž in order to enhance their tourist appeal and promote the Radziwiłłs’ heritage in both regions.

The project will also facilitate historical research, scientific conferences, exchange of exhibitions and development of new tourist routes.

Interim outcomes: A permanent exhibition of artefacts collected from the Radziwiłłs princes’ burial chamber in Niasviž Corpus Christi Church will be organised under the project. The exhibition cases have already been procured with the project funds and delivered to Niasviž National Historical and Cultural Museum/Reserve. They will be installed and connected to the power grid after the renovation of the exhibition rooms in the Castle Chapel. The exhibition is to be opened for visitors by the next tourist season.

The Radziwiłłiade festivals are planned to be held in Niasviž and Kėdainiai.

The project also provides for the conduct of several international conferences on the Radziwiłłs’ historical heritage in Niasviž and Kėdainiai.

Contacts: Vitaly Bedritsky, Leading Project Manager, Niasviž National Historical and Cultural Museum/Reserve

+375 29 504 68 33, +375 25 500 20 69

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