Polish-Belarusian Cross-Border Safety. Strengthen of fire and rescue services potential

About of project:

Period: 01.09.2018 – 31.08.2021

Budget: €4,500,000; EU contribution: €4,056,003.00

Implementing agency: Brest Regional Directorate of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus

Locations: Brest Region, Hrodna Region


An extensive system of transport infrastructure: border checkpoints, cargo terminals, bridges and motorways has been built on the Belarusian/Polish border. It has led to an increase in freight and passenger flows, which requires an efficient system of safety and prevention of various emergency situations. The success of rescue response largely depends on the level of cooperation between rescue services on both sides of the border.

Goals and objectives: The project is aimed at developing a uniform mechanism of situation forecasting and monitoring, prompt information exchange and elaboration of solutions for mutual warnings and transboundary emergency management. It may be achieved with the help of modern technologies, precise and prompt coordination of both sides’ efforts.

The project will facilitate the development of cooperation between local communities in the Belarusian/Polish border areas for preventing crisis situations. It will result in an improved lifestyle in the region and reinforced protection of the Belarus/EU border.

Interim outcomes: The project provides for renovation of the Kamieniec fire brigade, establishment and outfitting of two rescue training centres in Brest and Hrodna. Some special equipment is to be procured for the Brest and Kamieniec fire brigades.

An international railway emergency response competitions and a Brest regional fire rescue competition were held under the project in Brest.

Special training is provided to personnel of enterprises/organisations in charge of fire safety and prevention of emergency situations, as well as emergency protection tasks.

A life safety basics training course was held for residents of Brest Region.

The project also provides for study tours of representatives of Belarusian authorities and emergency response services to the Białystok Crisis Management Centre.

Contacts: Nikolay Kuzmitsky, Head of the Life Safety Promotion and Public Relations Centre of the MES Brest Regional Directorate

+375 29 642 16 02, e-mail: n.kuzmitski@mail.ru