Reduction of social exclusion and increase in the quality of life of cancer patients in Vilnius and Hrodna regions

About of project:

Project ID: ENI-LLB-1-029

Period: 01.03.2019 – 30.11.2021

Budget: EUR 488,200; EU contribution: EUR 439,380.63

Implementing agency: Hrodna University Clinic Healthcare Institution

Leading partner: Hrodna Regional Clinical Hospital (Belarus), Vilnius University Clinic SANTAROS KLINIKOS (Lithuania)

Locations: Hrodna and Hrodna Region (Belarus); Vilnius (Lithuania)


The present-day minimally invasive surgery allows operating on cancer patients with a minimal operative trauma and a lower pain syndrome. Such operations are tolerated more easily than open surgeries, and patients rehabilitate faster, which allows them to get back to their daily lives sooner.

Goal and objectives: The project mainly aims to reinforce the Lithuania-Belarus cooperation, exchange experience in reduction of social isolation and improvement of the cancer patients’ life quality in Vilnius and Hrodna regions, expand access to minimally invasive surgical services in urology, abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.

The main objective is procure new laparoscopic equipment for treatment of cancer patients in Hrodna Region. The equipment will be used for law trauma operations in the fields of urological, gynaecological and abdominal oncology.

Expected outcomes: The doctors of Hrodna Regional Clinical Hospital will be trained in laparoscopic surgery. In order to reinforce the professional skills, Hrodna doctors will undergo specialization in Vilnius University Clinic.

In addition, there are plans to arrange approximately 50 webcasts of surgeries to be performed in the Vilnius clinic. A series of consultations, on-the-job training opportunities, conferences and bilateral meetings on experience exchange will be arranged for establishing good-neighbourly relations.

In all, they plan to perform 300 minimally invasive operations in Hrodna University Clinic during the project period. The procured equipment will be used after the project completion, as well.

Contacts: Alexandr Pravorov, Project Coordinator, +375 29 586 85 41, e-mail:

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