Support to the Development of the Concept of the National Migration Policy in Belarus

About of project:

Period: February 2019 – February 2020

Budget: €105,000.00

Implementing agency: International Centre for Migration policy Development (ICMPD)

Location: Republic of Belarus


Belarus, as a transit country, encounters a real-life need for efficient migration flow management. Its achievement may be expedited by a well-balanced migration policy that must be founded upon advanced international practices and meet the socioeconomic and demographic interests of Belarus.

Goals and objectives: Then project is mainly aimed at assisting Belarus with drafting the National Migration Policy Concept; the drafting process is led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The key objective is to make the Migration Policy Concept reflect the Belarus’ needs and priorities in migration managements based on a detailed analysis, authentic data and statistics.

Key outcomes: Established by the Government of Belarus, the concept development team has attained expert support and recommendations from leading EU experts and the International Centre for Migration policy Development (ICMPD). Fr Belarusian participants of the project, it has arranged a series of remote consultations, thematic seminars in Minsk, as well as a visit to EU countries for studying the European experience in drafting migration policy papers.

The Draft National Migration Policy Concept was presented in Minsk in February of 2020.

The European Union provided support with the paper drafting via the Mobility Partnership Facility (MPF).


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